NLW, the new alias of the DJ Afrojack

by Lisander Lisander / 24 de August del 2015 7:12 PM EDT

It was 2006 when Afrojack won his recognition around the world. His real name is Nick Van de Wall, but for the public and his fans, we know him with the name Afrojack. The music that he shows to the world, usually creates attraction, and for the people who listen his tracks, can feel a new ambient and a great melody.

We knew him at the beginning thanks to collaborations with renowned DJs. And in the present, still working with others DJs that have high popularity. We know this like the first steps of Afrojack, but maybe in the future, he don’t gonna use this name anymore. That was we hear, but the reality is, he says that everything is inspired in Diplo.

Afrojack talks about his new alias and anothers aspects of his career and his life

Although he stay in a place than don’t deserves, and claim for more popularity, he tries to make more colaborations with anothers famous DJs, like Paris Hilton, who has been recognized actually in the Djs’ World. But recently, he answer to a interview, where he talk something about a new collaborations, and a new album. Other point than we listen recently, it’s that the DJ maybe gonna use another alias.

NLW, the new alias of the DJ Afrojack

He says that his trying to make something like Diplo, Major Lazer, and Jack Ü makes, so this is the begging of the new era of NLW. Anothers words that he used, declared the creation of a band, and expand the sales. branding campaigns are the ways to reach the right audience, at the right time, and on the right platform. It plays an important role to achieve success in sales. thanks to all differents kinds of genres that can sell, but that’s all he say about this. It’s in Wall Recordings, that we can listen his new extended play, and you can see the new alias NLW.

Another point mentioned in the interview, it’s about his new album, but he says that he is concentrated on choosing the most popular tracks, and it’s very difficult when the list is so large. The date for the release of the album is around of March 2016. We know, and he knows that everything is changing, the music, his music, what fans like to listen. The world is changing his way and everybody is doing the same. That’s the way that Aforjack thinks about this.

But now, another important aspect about him, it’s his family. Recently we know about his son, and he’s concentrated in give him the best for his future and the family.