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iLuv outs iSM524 ArtStation Pro.. Now this is a DockStation!

Transform Your Samsung GALAXY Tablet into a Home Entertainment Center with the iLuv ArtStation™ Pro Audio Dock

Port Washington, NY (PRWEB) December 12, 2011

iLuv Creative Technology, the premier provider of the most comprehensive line of accessories for the mobile lifestyle, introduces the world’s first and only audio docking station for Samsung GALAXY Tablets, the iSM524, ArtStation™ Pro. The iSM524 combines superior aesthetic design with cinematic sound quality to heighten your Samsung GALAXY Tab experience.

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Trailing After 1 Minute, Barcelona Is in First After 90

Barcelona and Real Madrid kicked off their match Saturday at 10 p.m. A minute later, it appeared that a dynasty was about to crumble in a most humiliating, and unbelievably quick, fashion.

Cesc Fàbregas, left, Lionel Messi and Barcelona are back on top in La Liga, tied with Real Madrid but ahead on goal difference.

Pouncing on a stunning goalkeeping error, Real Madrid took the lead after only 21 seconds. But Barcelona, soccer’s top team the past three years, rallied and restored its chances of a fourth consecutive Spanish title with a 3-1 victory. (more…)

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Party Rock can try this out! Speaker Vest with 8″ Subwoofer

You just found a one of a kind mobile party. All you need to do is charge the batteries and plug in your mp3 player. The main sound comes from a set of two amplified motorcycle speakers just off your shoulders. The bass comes from a low-profile amplified 8″ subwoofer. The power comes from a custom 10 cell rechargeable battery belt, size 36. You will easily be the loudest person in the room. The vest comes with a battery charger for the belt and a wire to connect your tunes to the vest. You have independent volume and subwoofer controls on your hip.


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Michael Jackson The Experience HD iPad Game

The game includes four legendary Michael Jackson songs for players to master: Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Speed Demon and Blood on the Dance Floor . Additional songs can be purchased via the in-game App store.

Experience the magic of Michael Jackson’s iconic music videos and short films in this groundbreaking, High Definition rhythm game, designed and optimized for the iPad.

Michael Jackson The Experience HD invites you to an interactive journey through some of the King of Pop’s most iconic hits. Developed for the iPad and based on Michael Jackson’s groundbreaking and visionary work, Michael Jackson The Experience HD introduces a brand new way of playing rhythm games. (more…)

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Zona Miami Radio Show- by DJ LuisMi & DJ Torr

Every Thursday From 3pm to 5pm, a weekly review of the top 10 tracks in the Tech house and Tribal House genres. This Explosive program will bring you closer to the lounge style of our own South Beach… 

Divided into 120 minutes (2h) in 2 tops, a top 10 tech house and another top 10, Tribal House, in addition to call-in to be able to meet the presenters, do not miss it every Thursday from 21 to 23 at night, exclusively on Miami  Global Radio.

Listen and Download the Pilot.



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Robo-Cycler An Outstanding Christmas gift (I want one plz)

Robot creator Masahiko Yamaguchi has demonstrated a robot which can balance, steer and correct itself while riding a fixed-gear bike.

“A feature of this robot is, it pedals the bike with its own feet, and keeps its balance just by using the handlebars. I think this is probably a world first.”

“I’m interested in artificial intelligence, and in that context, I think intelligence and skills have equal value. So my purpose in creating this robot was to pursue intelligence from the skills side. While I was thinking of suitable topics, my local science museum demonstrated a cycling robot. So I decided to consider cycling as the skill, and build a bicycle robot.”


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Bridgestone Air-Free tire Concept

Bridgestone has developed the Air-Free Concept, a tire technology that uses a thermoplastic resin as it’s support structure instead of air.

“Because there’s no air in these tires, there’s no worry about punctures. Also, there’s no need to check the pressure in them, so they’re easy to maintain, too.”

“A feature of these tires is, they have spokes with a special curve, arranged in an interlacing fashion. This enables them to flex effectively without twisting, and behave just like ordinary tires, without producing a horizontal force.”


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Miami Art Basel Underground Party (Video)

Friends, This past art-basel weekend was great in all aspects. Miami was full of tourist and locals enjoying a true city-wide event that cover many places around town. Here is what I found to be a true underground house party, this time it wasn’t that under the radar as you would expect. In fact these dudes were having a blast with a lot of amplifiers a lot of potential new DJs and lots & lots of beer. As matter of fact, I’ve never seen so many beer bottles empty in a crowded space.. After all anything goes in Miami.. and this is a true example of the love and enthusiasm the city shows… “its passion for house music”.


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