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Miami Global Radio January Sets

Starting this week, Miami Global Radio will change is current programming schedule and will start broadcasting the best podcast there are from one of the coolest music network:  the Famous SOUNDCLOUD music will give us flexibility to introduce and share new talent;  :lol:  and why not, if you are an inspiring DJ  that would love some spotlight well send us your sets, [email protected] for now, here is the list of sets being played starting this weekend. (more…)

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MASCHINE Trinity Groove Studio

Today we review one trio that make you wish you have them all, the Native Instruments Maschine Trinity pack is the ultimate groove production studio and really holds its name to it. besides its rugged and steady hardware, Maschine brings up a nice user interface and an easy to use software to produce the most funt with thousands of instruments. (read more for Videos) (more…)

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iPhoneate Radio Show

En Miami Global Radio comenzamos el año con muchos temas de discucion y cabe destacar que iPhoneate RadioShow nos da la ventaja de interactuar y compartir con los oyentes, Hoy tendremos el tipico formato Open-Chat el cual nos facilita la interactividad con los oyentes. Ademas estamos externando nueva seccion de el iOS App de Miami Global Radio nos trae informacion corriente de los temas mas calientes de el show


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